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Business Advice: How Can You Step Up Your Sales Game?

Douglas Mitchell, the CEO of Argenta Consulting, provides practical business advice to raise the sales game and generate more revenue, underscoring the significance of sales reps for business owners looking to widen their network.


If there's one thing that someone listening who is, "Oh gosh, I need to up my sales game. I need to bring in more revenue", what would you advise them to start with?


Reps, you need more reps. Too many people are looking for the NLPQ fix for their sales process or to even hire a consultant and bring 'them in and fix their process, but at the end of the day, conviction comes from experience and you need more reps.

And so over by the sales reps that are out there actually, well, talking to people, trying to sell your service and look, everybody's gonna pitch you that, but at the end of the day, you can advertise all you want. But once that client comes in, if they have any doubt about wanting to use their service, you're gonna, you're gonna fumble that ball.

And don't be afraid of cold leads. Don't be afraid of networking. Don't be afraid of building relationships where people come in from a referral source, which is a lot warmer than a paid app.

Oh, big time, right? Because it, and if you haven't, if you haven't closed at least a hundred customers and depending on your ticket price, right?

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