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Authority Marketing: Why Becoming a Subject Matter Expert is Key for Audience Growth

Tone Gonzales, the President of Toned Homes AC & Remodeling, speaks with Marc about authority marketing and why it's important for marketers to establish themselves as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in order to build and expand their audience—not only to be good but ultimately to be known.


So authority marketing is what we're talking about here. It's that you're an expert in your field and people are seeing you not just saying, "Hey, buy my stuff", but they're seeing you as an authority.


SME: Subject Matter Expert. If you can present yourself as a subject matter expert in whatever your field is. By the way, all you have to do to be a subject matter expert is present yourself. Nobody's gonna find out whether you are or not. The truth is, whatever they see is what they believe. Right? In this case, we're all awesome subject matter experts, right? But, the truth is it's more important to be known than it is to be good.


Yeah, McDonald's is a prime example of that, right? Because their food is awful, but they're branded.


They're the number one in the world. It's more important to be known than it is to be, you can have the very world's best product, but who cares if nobody knows about it? And you can go home and be like, "Hey, I sleep really well at night 'cause I do the most honest business and I'm the most straightforward person".

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