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An Overview of San Antonio's Only Open To The Public Wallpaper Showroom

Nicole Pulley, the owner of Interior Affairs, talks about their expansion by opening a wallpaper showroom to the public in order to better serve their clients by providing an extensive selection of wall designs.


Your showroom? Where is it? When they go there, what are they gonna experience?


Our showroom is located on the Southbound Access Road between Thousand Oaks and Randolph Boulevard. It's right where all the construction is all torn up. There's only one interest, but it is, the actual physical address is 10219 North Interstate 35. But again, it is on the Southbound Access Road.

When people walk in, we've got, of course over 500 books so they can look through on our residential side, and then we've got tons and tons of tip cards or little pieces of, that's how they display the commercial. The type two wall coverings are on what we call tip cards, so we've got thousands of those to look through.

We also carry acoustic wall coverings as well, like the panels that are here in the studio, exactly that. There's also MDF, of course. We talked about the LED. We've got textured wallpaper. Anything you can think of. For walls, we carry it.


Is there someone that you can walk in? 'Cause I would be so overwhelmed by all that. Is there a concierge who I'm like, "This is the vibe I want", and they could direct me to what I'm looking for?


Yes, absolutely. That would be me, and the staff.

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