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Aligning Business Values With Nonprofit Partnerships

True partnership transcends collaboration; it's the alignment of values that breathes life into purposeful connections. When businesses intertwine their ethos with nonprofit causes, they not only foster authenticity but sow seeds for mutual growth. The ripple effect is felt in community loyalty, echoing the harmony between commerce and compassion. From an episode of the Let's Talk Business podcast hosted by Marc Ebinger and co-hosted by Heather Boehme, this blog aims to extend the topics they covered on business growth, effective team management, and the profound impact of aligning business values with nonprofit partnerships with guests Martha Schoenewe, the Site Director of Paws for Purple Hearts San Antonio, and George Saldaña, the owner of Evenflow Home and Commercial Services.

The Tangible Benefits of Nonprofit Partnerships in Business

Aligning Business Values With Nonprofit Partnerships

Martha underscores the strategic importance of aligning business values with those of non-profit organizations to foster partnerships that extend beyond mere collaboration. In her perspective, a strong alignment of values not only ensures the authenticity of the partnership but also lays the foundation for a relationship that is mutually beneficial. By choosing nonprofit partners that share similar values, businesses can contribute to social causes that resonate with their ethos, creating a more meaningful and impactful connection with the community they serve.

Community Perception and Repeat Business

Martha highlights a tangible advantage of partnering with nonprofit organizations—the positive impact on community perception and customer loyalty. When businesses actively engage in giving back through nonprofit partnerships, they not only attract new customers but also cultivate a base of repeat clientele. The community views such businesses favorably, recognizing their commitment to social responsibility. This dual benefit not only strengthens the business but also amplifies the positive impact it can have on the causes supported by the nonprofit.

Navigating Altruism: Considerations for Business Owners Interested in Nonprofit Involvement

Heather introduces a pragmatic perspective on altruism, cautioning business owners against the idea of starting their own nonprofit organizations, even if driven by altruistic motives. Instead, she advocates for a more practical approach—funneling efforts into existing nonprofits. This approach allows business owners to contribute meaningfully without the administrative challenges and resource-intensive nature of establishing and running a separate nonprofit entity.

Balancing Growth and Community Support: Even Flow's Charitable Outlook

Representing Even Flow, George acknowledges the importance of charitable activities but underscores the current focus on business growth as a strategic step towards better supporting the community in the future. This approach reflects a commitment to creating a sustainable impact, demonstrating that the company's charitable endeavors are intricately linked with its growth trajectory, ensuring a more substantial and enduring contribution to the community in the long run.

Paws for Purples Hearts: Service Dogs for Veterans

Martha Schoenewe's Role as Site Director

Martha Schoenewe serves as the dedicated Site Director of Paws for Purple Hearts San Antonio, bringing her passion and expertise to the forefront of the organization's mission. In her eight months at the helm, Martha has proven instrumental in overseeing various critical aspects of the nonprofit's operations. As the site director, she assumes responsibility for essential functions such as funding, staffing, volunteer coordination, and facility maintenance. Martha's leadership ensures the seamless execution of Paws for Purple Hearts' objectives in providing service dogs for veterans. Her commitment to the organization's cause and adept management skills play a pivotal role in maintaining the high standards set by the nonprofit, ultimately contributing to the well-being of disabled veterans through the assistance of specially trained service dogs.

Paws for Purple Hearts Training Program

At the heart of Paws for Purple Hearts lies a comprehensive and meticulously crafted training program designed to transform eager canines into skilled service dogs for disabled veterans. Spearheaded by professional program instructors, the training extends over an intensive two to two and a half years, ensuring that each service dog emerges with a robust skill set. The emphasis is not only on imparting essential skills but also on fostering a deep connection between the trained dog and its future veteran companion. Through a detailed profile assessment, the organization tailors its matching process, taking into account the specific needs and personalities of both the dog and the veteran. This individualized approach ensures a quality experience for the veteran and maximizes the impact of the service dog's support, which ranges from mobility assistance to specialized psychiatric aid, including interrupting nightmares related to PTSD and providing deep pressure therapy.

Financial Challenges and the Need for Support

While Paws for Purple Hearts remains steadfast in its commitment to providing service dogs for veterans, the organization faces significant financial challenges in executing its noble mission. The training of each service dog comes at a substantial cost, amounting to around $35,000. This financial burden underscores the critical need for external support and donations to sustain the organization's operations. Paws for Purple Hearts relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and the community at large to bridge the funding gap and continue its impactful work. The emphasis on the financial challenges serves as a rallying call for supporters to recognize the importance of contributing to an organization that plays a vital role in enhancing the lives of disabled veterans through the companionship and assistance of highly trained service dogs.

Evenflow Home and Commercial Services: Leading Change and Empowering Technicians

Embracing Change: Leading by Example

At Evenflow Home and Commercial Services, the ethos of change is embodied in George Saldaña's dynamic approach as the young owner. Managing a team predominantly of a similar age or younger, George uniquely understands both the challenges of ownership and the perspectives of his employees. His leadership style is characterized by leading by example, sharing personal experiences, and imparting valuable lessons to his staff. This hands-on approach creates a culture of shared learning and fosters self-reliance among the team members. George Saldaña places unwavering faith in his employees' capabilities, recognizing and nurturing their potential to excel, ensuring that tasks are completed flawlessly even with minimal supervision.

Core Values: Fostering Accountability and Responsibility

At Evenflow Home and Commercial Services, accountability and responsibility are not just desirable traits but core values ingrained in the company culture. George Saldaña places a distinct emphasis on these values, considering them foundational for long-term success within the company. He believes that accountability and responsibility should be inherent qualities, not merely trained attributes. Employees lacking in these aspects might not align with the company's long-term vision. By prioritizing these core values, Evenflow ensures a work environment where individuals take ownership of their actions and contribute to the overall success of the business.

Importance of Personal Branding

George Saldaña advocates for a paradigm shift in the perception of technicians at Evenflow by placing significant importance on personal branding. Recognizing the potential to establish a career path, increase individual worth, and secure future work opportunities, Saldaña encourages technicians to actively engage in self-branding. He underscores the power of social media as a tool for technicians to showcase their skills, build a personal clientele, and assert their value irrespective of their employer. By empowering technicians to invest in their personal brand, Evenflow not only enhances the professional growth of its employees but also strengthens the overall reputation of the company.

Company-Technician Engagement: Balancing Incentives and Professionalism

Evenflow Home and Commercial Services prioritizes engagement between the company and its technicians, leveraging the concept of self-branding to create lasting customer loyalty. George Saldaña has implemented a balanced approach that combines hourly wages with performance-based incentives. This approach goes beyond numerical metrics, evaluating performance based on professionalism, attendance, and overall representation of the company. By recognizing and rewarding a holistic set of qualities, Evenflow fosters a workplace environment where technicians are motivated to not only meet but exceed expectations, contributing to the company's success.

Representation and Company Image: Professionalism in Every Aspect

In George Saldaña's vision for Evenflow, professionalism extends beyond the technical aspects of the job; it encompasses every facet of representation. From social media presence to the appearance of work vehicles and uniform adherence, Saldaña stresses the significance of presenting a professional image. He firmly believes that a professional appearance is a reflection of how one wishes to be treated and perceived by others. This commitment to professionalism contributes to the overall positive image of Evenflow Home and Commercial Services, reinforcing the idea that excellence is not just a goal but a fundamental aspect of the company's identity.


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