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A Woman Leader in a Traditionally Male-dominated Industry

Irmalinda Gonzales, the Business Manager of Plumbing Dawgs, shares her story of what it is like to be a woman in business in a traditionally male-dominated industry.


This very male-dominated industry. So how has that been breaking into you are the owner while he runs the operations side?


Initially, we did it because Pedro was always a union plumber. In order to maintain our benefits and continue being union, we decided to be union contractors, and that would mean that I had to become a union contractor. And then I also went down the road of wanting to be a woman-owned business. So it was a perk on both sides.

And it's been interesting. I am surrounded by a lot more people, but, I'm not the only woman-owned company out there, plumbing company, so I've met other women owners as well. So it's not necessarily as dominant as it used to be.

There's very far and few between, but we definitely are out there. Women, we're very strong individuals, we can delegate. Efficiently. Not that men can't, I manage four kids. Managing a business is not much harder, employees and so forth. So it's been interesting for me.

It's been a challenge, but something that I truly enjoy doing.

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